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Style : Modern
Skin type : All
Included components : Face Massager
Skin type : All
Included components : Face Massager

About this item : 

This multifunctional facial massager uses intelligent vibration technology to operate, which means that once the massage head comes into contact with your skin, it will activate the vibration, making it more energy-efficient (not working during charging). Use before makeup and before bedtime to help improve skin and maintain skin health.

This wave fashionable beauty facial massager is designed to be compact and portable, making it easy to put into a makeup bag. It can be carried around and used anytime, anywhere. The 160 degree curve of the massage head perfectly fits your face and neck.

Extensive research has shown that increasing temperature helps the skin absorb products more effectively. In addition, soothing warmth promotes comfort and relaxation. This facial massager is designed specifically for the face and neck, generating a mild heat of about 45 ℃, enhancing daily efficacy while providing a refreshing sensation.

The curved massage head can effortlessly slide along your . Use this facial massager with face cream or lotion to help your skin.

The facial massager does not need to be in when used, is lightweight, portable, and can be used anytime, anywhere. The perfect gift for family, , and . They will definitely think you are very considerate. Designed for shoulder, neck and other parts of body.

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